Use Your Imagination

Use Your Imagination by Pam Oslie

Use Your Imagination

Your imagination is a powerful tool for creating the mental pictures that will strengthen your new beliefs.  By imagining your new pictures, you send directions to your inner self, which knows how to create and bring these pictures into physical form.

Often we fear that the new belief is just wishful thinking or that we are fooling ourselves, so we stop imagining the new.  The fear of being hurt or disappointed can also keep us from believing that a better situation will arise.  To adamantly insist that the old situation is the only reality available to you, however, will not change your circumstances.  By continuing to affirm that you are poor, for example, you will continue to experience lack.  You will not even allow your inner self to come up with new ideas to change your circumstances for the better.

You must take steps to reinforce the new belief so a new experience can emerge.  As you focus on the belief that you are prosperous, begin to imagine the feelings that go along with your new prosperity.  Imagine how good it feels to pay the stack of bills sitting before you.  This does not mean that you deny the bills exist; it means that you now believe you are prosperous, and that the bills will soon be completely paid off.  Your mind will then automatically look for ways that this can happen.  As each bill is paid, see this as further confirmation that your new belief is true.  Even if you only find a dime on the street, imagine it is proof that money is coming to you.

It’s important when you fantasize about your new situation that you don’t work agains yourself by doubting that your dreams can come true.  When you visualize and imagine, you must truly feel that your desires will manifest.  Focus on feeling and sensing the full experience of what it is like to live your dreams.

If money has been a problem for you, imagine having abundance in your life.  Feel this new experience.  Physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Spend time imagining your new, abundant life until you can believe this idea is not only possible, but highly probable.  Don’t restrict your imagination by trying to be realistic; the inner self will discover new possibilities for you to create abundance.  Also, notice what feeling arise while you are imaging your new abundance.  Do you feel guilty, bad, unworthy or selfish? These feelings will give you clues to beliefs that might sabotage your ability to create wealth and abundance.

If you have had difficulty finding or maintaining a loving relationship, imagine yourself being loved, comforted and nurtured by a wonderful partner.  Give your inner self a clear picture of what you want to so it knows what to create for you.   Imagine speaking with this person.  How does it feel to have a loving partner talk to you with sincerity and appreciation?  How does it feel to have this person’s arms around you?  Do you feel ecstatic, grateful, warm?

Do you have a fear of running out of money?

Imagine having no money right now.  What do you see?  Are you living on the streets? Are you living at a homeless shelter?  Did you move in with your parents or children?  What might really happen?  Then what happens?  What happens after that?  Use your imagination to envision the future, and eventually you will find humor in the absurdity of the situation or you will feel calmer and more at ease with the outcome.  When you face the fear, you can move through it and past it.  You will probably discover that you are a better survivor, and a more creative problem solver, than you thought.


Pamala Oslie is a successful author, consultant, lecturer, and professional “sensitive” (psychic) who has the ability to see electromagnetic fields or auras. Pamala has been a frequent guest on many television & radio shows and is the author of  three books: Life Colors: What Your Aura Colors Say About You; Love Colors: A New Approach to Love, Relationships, and Auras; and Make Your Dreams Come True.

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