Your True Creative Power

Your True Creative Power, Pamala Oslie

Your True Creative Power

Most people never stop to question what they have been taught about life.  It may not occur to us that our thoughts and beliefs about life are just that: beliefs about life and not necessarily the truth.  We may never examine or challenge these beliefs because we are so accustomed to what our lives have become that we don’t look beyond our current perceptions.  We accept what we have been taught as the one and only reality.

All too often we live our lives feeling trapped or stuck with unpleasant situations.  We live with all kinds of circumstances that we wish we could change, but we don’t believe that we can or ever will change them.  We tend to believe, despite our deepest longings and desires, that this is just the way life is.

There is a powerful and creative force within each of us.  This creative power flows through us and around us, forming everything in the world, both visible and invisible.  This force is also responsible for manifesting our desires.  Our thoughts and beliefs convey images to this inner force, and interesting coincidences begin to happen; events occur with amazing synchronicity to bring our inner images into physical form.  Whatever energy we send out into the world comes back to us.  As we believe, we create.

When we hold onto limiting thoughts and beliefs, we limit what is truly available to us through this creative force.  We also hinder the natural, spontaneous magic of this force by failing to be aware of our connections to it.  Life then becomes a struggle instead of a magical experience.

We can learn how to fully actualize our potential and live with the awareness of this inner power.  Of course, we can also choose to ignore this power or to believe that it doesn’t exist.  Whether we use this power consciously or unconsciously, we are still responsible for creating our experience.  Since our lives reflect our beliefs, if our beliefs are limiting and fear-based, we will have limiting and fearful experiences.


Pamala Oslie is a successful author, consultant, lecturer, and professional “sensitive” (psychic) who has the ability to see electromagnetic fields or auras. Pamala has been a frequent guest on many television & radio shows and is the author of  three books: Life Colors: What Your Aura Colors Say About You; Love Colors: A New Approach to Love, Relationships, and Auras; and Make Your Dreams Come True.

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