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Before you learned to speak, you loved with no effort, you forgave with no effort. It was natural to love; it was natural to forgive. But then you learned how to behave from other people who didn’t love, who didn’t forgive. Today, if you really want to...

Last weekend I taught a workshop with the Ruiz family in Austin. Don Miguel, don Miguel Jr, don Jose Luis and I had so much fun teaching together that the next day I asked don Miguel, “Would you want to do more teaching with the four of us next year?”

His reply was simple, as it always...

Last month my neighbor, Stephen, called me and asked, “Have you talked to the landlord yet?”

Stephen and I live in a mirror-image duplex near downtown Austin; I have the left side, he has the right, and we share one long wall between us and a fabulous landlord.

Our landlord appa...

Yesterday I was sitting in a coffee shop near my sister's house in Atlanta, enjoying a cup of green tea as I caught up on emails.

Suddenly I became aware of the intensity of a conversation happening nearby. I couldn't see who was talking, but if I leaned back and I could have easily touche...

Impeccability and intimacy go together like organic peanut butter and fresh strawberry jelly.

And together they make our relationships more tasty and nutritious.

There are two main kinds of communication, and impeccability comes from knowing which type of communication is needed for...

The bestselling author of The Four Agreements talks about his book,

The Voice of Knowledge

QUESTION: When I first saw the title of your new book, The Voice of Knowledge

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