Creating Money

Creating Money, Pamala Oslie

Often we block prosperity from our lives because we believe in scarcity.

Tracking and Blasting Assumptions

Tracking and Blasting Assumptions, HeatherAsh Amara, Living The Four Agreements

Making assumptions is a habit that can be as hard to break as giving up smoking.

Your True Creative Power

Your True Creative Power, Pamala Oslie

When we hold onto limiting thoughts and beliefs, we limit what is truly available to us . . .

Seth and the Nature of Time

Seth and The Nature of Time, Linear Time Thinking, Lynda Madden Dahl, Seth Material, Jane Roberts

Basically, what you call time does not exist. I am trying to tell you what does exist instead.

What Would Seth Say to Me Today? (Entry 2)

Lynda Dahl, Seth Material, Jane Roberts, The Nature of Personal Reality

All are direct comments from Seth, so I chose not to use quote marks or annotations . . .

What Would Seth Say to Me Today? (Entry 1)

Lynda Madden Dahl, Jane Roberts, Seth Material, Seth Books, Seth Network International

Like many of you, I’ve been a constant reader of the Seth material for a long time, actually decades.