The Oversoul Seven Trilogy

The Education of Oversoul Seven, The Further Education of Oversoul Seven, Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time

Format: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 560 pages
ISBN: 978-1-878424-17-4

Inspired by Jane Roberts’ own experiences as the author of the immensely popular “Seth Books,” these three novels — now collected in one volume — are one of the most imaginative tales ever written.

In The Oversoul Seven Trilogy, Jane Roberts’ beloved character, Oversoul Seven, an ageless student of the universe, explores the entire framework of our existence. Jane Roberts fans, and all readers intrigued by reincarnation, dreams, out-of-body travel, and spirituality will love exploring the cosmos of consciousness with Oversoul Seven in these insightful and genuinely moving novels. As we follow Seven’s education, our own beliefs about life, death, dreams, time and space are challenged and stretched, leaving us with a refreshing and provocative perspective on the true nature of reality.

In The Education of Oversoul Seven, Seven explores the true nature of his being as he learns to communicate with four of his “incarnations” — four all-too-human people whose lives are separated by centuries, yet who also coexist.

In The Further Education of Oversoul Seven, the adventure continues with Seven facing new lessons as his human incarnations struggle with the problems of sanity, free will, and even godhood.

In Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time, Seven is instructed to take up residence in a human body while also journeying to the Museum of Time in search of the “Codicils.” The Codicils are eternal truths that bring about the greatest opportunities for vitality, understanding, and fulfillment.

The adventures of Oversoul Seven are at once an intriguing fantasy, a mind-altering exploration of our inner being, and a vibrant celebration of life!

From Book One, Chapter One


Oversoul Seven grimaced at Cyprus and began the examination. “Let’s see,” he said. “In Earth terms, using an analogy, I’m a man on Wednesday and Friday, a woman on Sunday and Thursday, and I have the rest of the time off for independent study.

“Actually, because of their time concepts this is somewhat more complicated,” he said. “Each life is lived in a different, uh, area of time to which various designations are given.” Cyprus smiled, and Seven continued. “As Lydia I’m in the twentieth century, as Josef in the seventeenth, as Ma-ah in 35,000 b.c., and as Proteus in the 23rd century, a.d. Then there’s the further background in space, uh, different locations called countries. Then there’s the ages of the personalities. “I’m partial to Josef and Lydia, though I suppose I shouldn’t be. Still, they show so much vitality and seem to enjoy themselves. Ma-ah cries a lot, and Proteus is always looking back to the good old days—”

Cyprus had been silent. Now she said, “You’re wandering and not organizing your thoughts very well. Pretend that I know nothing about all this, and you’re trying to explain it. You just told me that you had personalities in all those times, for example. So why should Proteus look back to the good old days?”

“Oh, I see. Sorry,” Oversoul Seven said. “Proteus doesn’t know that. He doesn’t take anything for granted. He doesn’t even take me for granted, or himself, for that matter. That is, he doesn’t realize that he is a soul, much less that both of us are one. Certainly he doesn’t know that other portions of us live in other times. I get lonely for him now and then, but there it is. In fact, sometimes I think we Oversouls aren’t appreciated at all. We work and strive—”

Seven was suddenly struck by such a sense of desolation that he dematerialized his hallucinatory pencil. He brought it back as quickly as he could, but Cyprus shook her head at the lapse and said sharply, “Now, none of that. Dropping your hallucination loses you five points, you know. Suppose you were, say, Lydia on Earth, and she did something like that? Physical matter wouldn’t be a dependable framework at all. One slip, that’s all it takes! How would you like to be responsible for such a massive reaction? Then everyone would have to start over with a new . . . Oh, Seven, you just can’t make errors like that. Pencils disappearing in mid-air!”

Oversoul Seven nodded, then suddenly, almost despite himself, he started to laugh. “Actually, Josef is almost on the edge of knowing. Once he forgot to materialize one of his painting brushes—he was in the throes of creativity—and bongo, the brush was just gone. Josef almost went out of his mind.” Seven’s eyes glowed with parental-like pride.

Cyprus said sternly, “None of your personalities are ready to understand that mind forms matter, and you know it. I hope you remedied the situation.” “I hallucinated the brush back at once,” Oversoul Seven said. “But tell me, don’t you find the affair even a little bit funny?”

“Not at all,” Cyprus said, concealing a smile. “But now let’s get back to your examination.”

“Gladly,” Oversoul Seven said. “But when I reach your position, I hope I retain my sense of humor.”

Cyprus laughed. She laughed so hard that Seven got uncomfortable. Finally she said: “Your sense of humor includes only a small part of my sense of humor. There’s so much you don’t see. This examination of yours, for example—oh bless me—and having to maintain Earth-type conditions for it. Now that’s funny. By the way, look around this room. There’s something else that quite escapes you. Your visual is awful—”

Oversoul Seven looked around cautiously. He’d been secretly quite pleased with the environment he’d chosen and created. The classroom was authentic twentieth century, like the one Lydia knew as a child. There were rows of desks, blackboards, windows, everything right down to stacks of paper—all individual new sheets—and an automatic pencil sharpener.

Then he blushed, all over his nice new cheeks and right up to the roots of the thick brown hair that sprang up from his forehead.

“Nice effect,” Cyprus said, watching. “I meant to congratulate you on your form, very good fourteen-year-old male type, Caucasian, I believe. But for the other—”

“I found it, the error! There!” The wastepaper basket had been in the corner, complete with girth and thickness, exactly two feet high and as many around, but he’d forgotten to materialize it visually. Now he made it red, and with a flourish added scallops around the upper edge.

“But there’s still another error,” Cyprus said, looking nowhere in particular. Just at that moment a young man wearing a toga appeared. He looked around with a rather wild air, then shouted out at Seven: “Ah, there you are! I knew I’d find you again. Just the same, all this has to stop.” He looked half mad, and yelled in tones of deepest outrage.

Cyprus raised her eyebrows at Oversoul Seven, who coughed several times and tried to look the other way.

THE OVERSOUL SEVEN TRILOGY:  The Education of Oversoul Seven, The Further Education of Oversoul Seven, Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time

Book One:  The Education of Oversoul Seven

Chapter 1:     Oversoul Seven’s Examination and Josef’s Dream

Chapter 2:     Part One of the Examination — A Quick Peek at Lydia, Proteus, Ma-ah, and Josef

Chapter 3:     Ma-ah’s Trek: The Earthization of Oversoul Seven — Part Two of the Examination

Chapter 4:     The Descent of Proteus

Chapter 5:     Oversoul Seven’s Mini-Vacation

Chapter 6:     Josef’s Second Dream

Chapter 7:     The Further Descent of Proteus and the Rest of Josef’s Dream

Chapter 8:     Proteus in the Dig of the Tellers and Story’s Tale                58

Chapter 9:     Cyprus and Oversoul Seven — Beginning Part Three of the Examination

Chapter 10:   Lydia and Lawrence: A Trip Is Interrupted

Chapter 11:   Ma-ah in the Land of the Speakers

Chapter 12:   Ma-ah and the Shining Building Blocks of Sound

Chapter 13:   Josef’s Pictures of Magic and Jonathan’s Revenge

Chapter 14:   Proteus’ Decision — Window’s Window into the Past (and Aspect One)

Chapter 15:   Lydia’s Children Grow Backward in Time and Tweety Delivers a Message (Aspect Two)

Chapter 16:   Ma-ah’s Signature in Stone and Sumpter’s Surprise (and Aspect Three)

Chapter 17:   Seven’s Blackboard in the Sky (and Aspects Four and Five)

Chapter 18:   Out of Body, Out of Mind — Lydia Takes a Journey

Chapter 19:   The Speakers’ Dream Tribunal (Ma-ah)

Chapter 20:   The Speakers’ Dream Tribunal — The Night of the Soul (Seven and Lydia)

Chapter 21:   The Speakers’ Dream Tribunal (Proteus and Josef)

Chapter 22:   Proteus Gets a Few Answers from Window and Learns That Window Doesn’t Know It All

Chapter 23:   Ma-ah and Sumpter — In Which Ma-ah Speaks Through Proteus

Chapter 24:   Discussions Between Lives — In Which Lydia Doesn’t Believe She’s Dead, but Cromwell Knows

Chapter 25:   In Which Lydia Meets Tweety, Discusses the Meaning of Life with Oversoul Seven, and Stakes Out Her Future Parents

The Final Chapter: The End of This Particular Examination — Seven “Graduates” — He Learns Something About

Himself and Discovers Who Wrote This Book




Book Two:  The Further Education of Oversoul Seven

Prologue One

Prologue Two

Chapter 1:     Journal of a Surprised Psychologist (Jeffery W. Blodgett)

Chapter 2:     Ram-Ram’s Experiment

Chapter 3:     A Book Out of Nowhere and an Interview in a Mental Institution

Chapter 4:     Gods Wanted (or Chapter One of Jeffery’s “Further Education of Oversoul Seven”)

Chapter 5:     The Beginning of the Search and a Demon in the Foothills

Chapter 6:     Josef’s Difficulties

Chapter 7:     Some Assembled Gods

Chapter 8:     Lydia Meets Christ Under Very Unfortunate Circumstances

Chapter 9:     Oversoul Seven’s Student, Will, Wants to Drop Life Class

Chapter 10:   Jeffery’s Notes and Questions Without Answers

Chapter 11:   Oversoul Seven Journeys to the Undersides of the Universe

Chapter 12:   A Mother-to-Be Gets a Midnight Surprise

Chapter 13:   Between Ages: Lydia Meets Tweety and an Old Love

Chapter 14:   Lydia Attends a Séance, Shocks the Sitters, and Keeps a Promise

Chapter 15:   Oversoul Seven Has His Troubles and Will Tries to Drop Out

Chapter 16:   Jeffy-boy’s Uneasiness Grows and Ram-Ram Does a Disappearing Act

Chapter 17:   Ram-Ram the Godologist and Case History 9871: J. Christ

Chapter 18:   Seven’s Disquieting Interview with Christ, a Multidimensional Happening Turns into an Insane

Vision, and Jeffy-boy Becomes a Character in a Book

Chapter 19:   The Virgin Mary’s Tale and an Ego for Buddha

Chapter 20:   Jeffery’s Notes and Some Upsetting Realizations

Chapter 21:   Stage Fright and Preparations for Birth

Chapter 22:   A Birth

Chapter 23:   After-Birth Complications In Which Lydia Wakes Up in a Probable Life

Chapter 24:   The Birth of Self-Consciousness for Tweety

Chapter 25:   On the Brink with Will and Jeffy-boy

Chapter 26:   Ram-Ram Says Good-bye and Tells What He Knows

Chapter 27:   ”The Time Is Now,” Lydia Says Good-bye and Hello, and Seven Remembers

Chapter 28:   Oversoul Seven Keeps His Promise to Lydia and Begins Tweety’s Education

Afterword of the Gods

Jeffery’s Closing Notes


Oversoul Seven’s Little Book, An Appendix

The Charmed Life

The Body and Creaturehood

The Power and a Special Sumari Song

Sumari Time

The Beginning

On Methods


Book Three:   Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time

Chapter 1:     Cyprus and Oversoul Seven Look in on Dr. George Brainbridge and Friends

Chapter 2:     The Right Place but the Wrong Time. The Right Name but the Wrong Man.

Chapter 3:     Oversoul Seven Takes a Body and Finally Meets the Right George

Chapter 4:     Up and Down the Time Staircase

Chapter 5:     A Would-Be Thief in the Night

Chapter 6:     A Challenge of Probabilities

Chapter 7:     The Transformation of Gregory Diggs

Chapter 8:     Dr. Brainbridge Is Confronted with Proof of the Impossible: Or Is He?

Chapter 9:     George Hears Further Disclosures: His Dilemma Deepens

Chapter 10:   Seven and George Meet Dr. Josephine Blithe, and Christ Disappears

Chapter 11:   The Museum of Time

Chapter 12:   Window Speaks for Monarch, and Seven is Worried

Chapter 13:   A Complicated Out-of-Body Experience and a Full House

Chapter 14:   Dire Probability

Chapter 15:   Cyprus Introduces Seven to Framework Two, and George the First Visits the Museum of Time

Chapter 16:   Brothers of the Mind, a Dream Investigation, and Paranoia from the Past

Chapter 17:   A Together Dream



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