The Magical Approach

Seth Speaks About the Art of Creative Living

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  • The Seth Books Are World-Renowned for Comprising One of the Most Profound Bodies of Work Ever Written on the True Nature of Reality

In The Magical Approach, Seth invites us to look at the world through another lens — a magical one. Seth reveals the true, magical nature of our deepest levels of being, and explains how we have allowed it to become inhibited by our own beliefs and conventional thinking.

The Magical Approach teaches us how to live our lives spontaneously, creatively, and according to our own natural rhythms. It helps us to discover and tune into our natural, instinctive behavior. By applying the principles in this book, readers will learn to trust their impulses and discover the highest expression of their creativity.

We are indeed dealing with two entirely different approaches to reality and to solving problems — methods we will here call the rational method and the magical one. The rational approach works quite well in certain situations, such as mass production of goods, or in certain kinds of scientific measurements — but all in all the rational method, as it is understood and used, does not work as an overall approach to life, or in the solving of problems that involve subjective rather than objective measurements or calculations. The magical approach has far greater weight, if you use it and allow yourselves to operate in that fashion, for it has the weight of your basic natural orientation.” — Jane Roberts, Speaking for Seth


There is much material here that I will give you, because it is important that you understand the different ways of relating to reality, and how those ways create the experienced events.

. . . alter your orientations, but you are approaching that threshold. As Ruburt’s notes also mention, the “magical approach” means that you actually change your methods of dealing with problems, achieving goals, and satisfying means. You change over to the methods of the natural person. They are indeed, then, a part of your private experience. They are not esoteric methods, but you must be convinced that they are the natural methods by which man is meant to handle his problems and approach his challenges.

I use the word “methods” because you understand it, but actually we are speaking about an approach to life, a magical or natural approach to life that is man’s version of the animal’s natural instinctive behavior in the universe.

That approach does indeed fly in direct contradiction to the learned methods you have been taught. You have held on to those methods to varying degrees, since after all it seems that the world shares them. They are understood ways of dealing with events. . . .

Trying to fit the great thrust of creativity into assembly line time is in itself bound to lead to conflicts, dissatisfactions, and frustrations. If the proper creative and magical orientation is kept primarily in mind, other things will fall into place. You do not say to the creative self, “Now it is 7:30. People are at their assembly lines. I am at my desk: produce.”

Assembly line time does not really value time — only as time can be used for definite prescribed purposes. In that framework, to enjoy time becomes a weakness or a vice, and both of you to some extent have so considered time. With creative people strongly gifted, as in your cases, the natural person is very prominent, no matter what you do. It therefore strongly resents any basically meaningless constraints placed about its experience. It knows, for example, how to enjoy each day, how to collect creative insights from each and every encounter, how to enrich itself physically through household chores or other activities. It dislikes being told that it must work thus and so at command of unreasonable restraints.

The natural person is anything but irrational. It gathers all of experience together and transforms it, so many of your problems have been caused by applying the wrong kind of orientation to your lives and activities.

I say wrong, meaning no moral judgment, but the application of one method to a pursuit that cannot be adequately expressed in such a fashion. The assembly-line time and the beliefs that go along with it have given you many benefits as a society, but it should not be forgotten that the entire framework was initially set up to cut down on impulses, creative thought, or any other activities that would lead to anything but the mindless repetition of one act after another.

In other words, that entire framework is meant to give you a standardized, mass-produced version of reality. None of its concepts can rationally be applied to creative endeavors. The orientation that gives you the creative achievement lies in the opposite direction.

Creativity itself has its own built-in discipline, the kind that, for example, in a dream can rummage through the days of the future to find precisely the data required to make a specific point.

THE MAGICAL APPROACH:  Seth Speaks About the Art of Creative Living

Magic Show: A Poem by Jane Roberts

Foreword by Robert F. Butts

Introduction by Jane Roberts

A Day in which Magic Comes to Life and Seth Describes What “The Magical Approach” to Life Is.

SESSION 1:  AUGUST 6, 1980
Assembly-line Time Versus Natural, Creative Time. The Rational Mind Versus the Artistic Mind.

SESSION 2:  AUGUST 11, 1980
The Rational Approach. Scientific Hardbed Reality. The Intellect and the Magical Approach.

SESSION 3:  AUGUST 13, 1980
Man and Other Species. Mistakes as Corrective Action. Definition of the Magical Approach.

SESSION 4:  AUGUST 18, 1980
Science and Science’s Picture. Desire as Action.

SESSION 5:  AUGUST 20, 1980
Styles of Thought. Combining the Magical Approach and the So-called Rational Approach.

SESSION 6:  AUGUST 25, 1980
Animals and Reasoning. Things Beyond One’s Control.

SESSION 7:  AUGUST 28, 1980
The Intellect as a Cultural Artifact. Creating One’s Own Experience.

Nature as Man’s Caretaker. Natural Magical Reasoning and Trust.

The Body’s Reasoning as Logic. Belief Systems.

Education and Culture. The Natural Person.

Multidimensional Spiritual Dramas.

Rob Using the Magical Approach. Precognition.

The Self. Relaxation and Effortlessness.

SESSION 15:  OCTOBER 1, 1980
The Natural Person and the Natural Use of Time.

SESSION 16:  OCTOBER 6, 1980
Jane’s Positive Results.

SESSION 17:  OCTOBER 15, 1980
Jane’s Skill as Ancient as Man Is. The Species’ Multitudinous Abilities.

Appendix A:  Three of Jane’s Adventures in Prediction Seth’s Comments. Jane’s Contents of the Mind.

Appendix B:  Magical Orientations and the Motions of Probabilities. Jane’s Mental Conversation.

Appendix C:  Jane and Rob Meet a Skeptical Psychologist and His Magic. Jane’s Poem: “Magic is public as the air.”

Appendix D:  Jane’s Challenges with Her Scope of Identity vs. The Scientific Community.


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