Living Without Limits (Audio Download)

and Wayne Dyer

Format: Audio Download
Length: 48 minutes
ISBN: 978-1-878424-96-9

When two great minds meet, it can only result in magic…

For decades, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer have delighted and enlightened audiences worldwide with their popular books, lectures, and audio programs.

In Living Without Limits, these provocative thinkers share their wisdom before a live audience as they question and challenge one another on the following topics:

  • How our thoughts affect all of humanity
  • The power we have to heal ourselves of fatal diseases
  • The negative impact of the media on our health
  • How our beliefs and intentions create our experience
  • The importance of quieting the inner dialogue

Life is, by definition, uncertain, and it’s a miracle that sometimes in the field of uncertainty, we introduce an intention and it magically appears.”  — Deepak Chopra

It seems to me that fear would disappear in our lives completely if we knew that divine omnipotence flows through us, through everything….”  — Wayne Dyer

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