What Would Seth Say to Me Today? (Part 2)

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What Would Seth Say to Me Today? (Part 2)

Hi, I’m Lynda Madden Dahl. Like many of you, I’ve been a constant reader of the Seth material for a long time, actually decades. I always have a book close by, and consider the material a daily part of my life. Years ago, pretty much out of desperation, I found myself wishing for much more personal contact with Seth’s words in a way that would focus them down from the long quotes and deep treatment of subjects that had brought such overall understanding to me. To that end, I created on our Seth Network International website a series of documents I call “What Would Seth Say to Me Today?” All are direct comments from Seth, so I chose not to use quote marks or annotations, except on the lead-in quote. I’ll post the entries here over time, my friends, and hope you get as much out of them as I do.

What Would Seth Say to Me Today About Goals?

“Those goals are usually conceptualized desires, and once formed they act in a fashion like magnets, drawing from those vast fields of interrelatedness the kinds of conditions best suited to their fulfillment.” (Seth, The Magical Approach, Session 5)


Those desires of yours that are fitting to your nature will automatically come to pass, unless you block them through disadvantageous beliefs.

    • They cannot be blocked by others. If they seem to be blocked by others, that assumption is incorrect, based on ignorance.
    • When the intellect is used properly, it thinks of a goal and automatically arouses other levels of communication unknown to it, so that all forces work together toward the achievement.
    • When the intellect is improperly used, it is as if the intellect feels required to somehow know or personally direct all of those inner processes.
    • The intellect alone cannot bring about the fulfillment of those goals. It must count upon those other properties that it does indeed set in motion – that spontaneous array of inner complexity, that orderly magic.
    • The intellect imagines a goal and imaginatively then attains it.
    • The vital word is ease or effortlessness.
    • Say, “That is not my realm. I will leave the solution to that problem or goal where it belongs.”
    • Forget the questions and the mood that accompanies them in order to create the proper kind of atmosphere at another level of consciousness.


If the proper creative and magical orientation is kept primarily in mind, other things will fall into place.

    • Once you begin consciously working with the (spacious present), help, support, solutions – all begin to come, for you line up your conscious faculties with your unconscious ones, in the most beneficial way.
    • Even when nothing shows in physical reality, all the proper circumstances and conditions are being brought together.
    • Because the organization is so different, you must forget cause and effect, for things fall into place almost in a circular fashion.
    • They may appear suddenly, or they may not appear in the order in which you think they should, because your vision must be limited in comparison to that available in the spacious present.
    • All energy at the inner self’s disposal is concentrated to bring about the results asked for by the conscious mind.
    • Your inner self brings about your desire, but also considers it in the light of your entire life situation, so that it comes about in the best way – and time – possible.
    • Your conscious goals fit in with your unconscious natural goals, then – the primary ones given at birth. You are right with yourself again.


Expectancy and inner confidence always bring the best results with the least effort.

    • The conscious mind does not have to have all the information required. It only needs to have the faith that means are available, even if those means are beyond its own scope of activity.
    • Comparatively speaking, a small number of clearly felt connections with the (spacious present) can undo a year’s doubts.
    • Natural optimism is a power in the individual and in the world. It believes in triumph, in pleasant, unpredictable surprises, in unexpected solutions, and joyful occurrences.
    • The power of the universe is a personal one. When your intent is clear, events fall into place, from the most minute to the most momentous, that bring your desires to pass.


To act in an independent manner, you must begin to initiate action that you want to occur physically.

    • You change your focus point. You change what you consider significant.
    • This is done by combining belief, emotion and imagination, and forming them into a mental picture of the desired result.
    • Concentrate upon the goal, rather than the means of attaining it, and you will attain it.
    • It is your feelings and your impulses that you trust that will lead you to whatever you want.
    • When you learn to trust your feelings and your impulses, something very strange happens. They turn quite trustworthy.


Your clear intent sets forces working for you. The clear intent takes it for granted that the results will indeed be highly beneficial, and not cause detriments.

    • Thoughts of abundance affect the inner order of events.
    • You can think of what you will do with the money – how you cause it to increase life’s enjoyment, which will in turn benefit you and others.
    • Such imaginings can be quite helpful.
    • Ask and you shall receive. Ask half-heartedly and you shall receive in exactly that measure.
    • I would like you to give suggestions before sleep that in one way or another during the dream state your knowledge will be increased.
    • You doubt your ability to impress your desires upon the (spacious present) properly. Your faith is not secure here.
    • Rupurt did not have to do anything of a conscious nature, except to state his intentions.


The physical planning carried out, then, is in line with the envisioned future, and brings it about.

    • You are at times ignoring significant clues that say your desires are being formed, seeing them instead as insignificant.
    • Now that causes an additional tension – and impediments – that slow down the process to whatever degree, which is exactly what you want to avoid.
    • You must be willing to change all the way from the old system of orientation to the new, if you want the new approach to work fully for you in your lives.
    • Organize your reality according to your playfulness, according to your dreams, according to your joy, according to your hopes. And then you can help those who organize their realities according to their fears.
    • Faith in a creative, fulfilling, desired end – sustained faith – literally draws from the universe all of the necessary ingredients, all of the elements however staggering in number, all of the details, and then inserts into physical life the impulses, dreams, chance meetings, motivations, or whatever is necessary so that the desired end then falls into place as a completed pattern.


Excerpted from Lynda’s Seth Talk Blog. Lynda is the award-winning author of seven Seth/Jane Roberts-based books. She is co-founder of Seth Network International, the global meeting place for Seth readers; published a quarterly magazine, Reality Change: The Global Seth Journal, for seven years; has produced numerous Seth conferences and been a speaker at many others. You are invited to become her friend on Facebook and on Twitter (also on Twitter as Seth Network International).

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