What Would Seth Say to Me Today? (Part 1)

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What Would Seth Say to Me Today? (Part 1)

Hi, I’m Lynda Madden Dahl. Like many of you, I’ve been a constant reader of the Seth material for a long time, actually decades. I always have a book close by, and consider the material a daily part of my life. Years ago, pretty much out of desperation, I found myself wishing for much more personal contact with Seth’s words in a way that would focus them down from the long quotes and deep treatment of subjects that had brought such overall understanding to me. To that end, I created on our Seth Network International website a series of seven documents I call “What Would Seth Say to Me Today?” All are direct comments from Seth, so I chose not to use quote marks or annotations, except on the lead-in quote. I’ll post the entries here over time, my friends, and hope you get as much out of them as I do.


You recognized the overall vitality of our material—but again, you did not realize that it meant a complete reorientation of your attitudes. You did not realize that you were being presented, not merely with an alternate view of reality, but with the closest approximation you could get of what reality was, and how it worked, and what it meant.” (Seth, The Magical Approach, Session 14)

You must become consciously aware of what you tell yourself is true every moment of the day, for that is the reality that you project outward.

  • You stand within the miracle of yourself and ask for signs.
    • You are not now what you were ten minutes earlier. You are not the same being physically, psychologically, spiritually, or psychically, and ten minutes later you will be different again.
    • (You are) given the greatest gift of all: You get exactly what you want to get. You create from nothing the experience that is your own.

All you have to do is realize your own freedom. You form the reality that you know, not esoterically, not symbolically, not philosophically. Some great Oversoul doesn’t form it for you.

  • (You are) free to accept and develop, from the miraculous banks of reality, those experiences and emotions that you want, and to reject those you do not want.
    • Forget the cringing self that you sometimes are and remember, instead, the magic essence of your own being that sings even now through your fingertips. That is the reality which you are seeking.
    • In the inner world, your desires bring about their own fulfillment, effortlessly. That inner world, and the exterior one, intersect and interweave. They only appear separate.
    • In the physical world, time may have to elapse, or whatever. Conditions may have to change, or whatever. But the desire will bring about the proper results.
    • The feeling of effortlessness is what is important.
    • You know that you hallucinate the room.
    • Your entire physical environment comes as naturally out of your inner mind as words come out of your mouth.

The environment expresses your personality. This is a literal and not symbolic truth.

  • So environment is not a separate thing in itself, but the result of perceptive patterns, and these are determined by psychological structure.
    • Mental images, accompanied by strong emotion, are blueprints therefore upon which a corresponding physical object, or condition or event, will appear.
    • The intensity of feeling or thought or mental image is, therefore, the important element in determining its subsequent physical materialization.
    • The more intense the core (expectation), the sooner the materialization.
    • You get what you concentrate upon.
    • The concentration upon a problem brings about a kind of mechanical repetition, a repeated type of hypnotic focus.
    • You change your focus point. You change what you consider significant.
    • Your goals are usually conceptualized desires, and once formed they act in a fashion like magnets, drawing from those vast fields of interrelatedness the kinds of conditions best suited to their fulfillment.
    • You are not “programmed.” Nothing happens because it must happen.
    • Those desires of yours that are fitting to your nature will automatically come to pass, unless you block them through disadvantageous beliefs. They cannot be blocked by others. If they seem to be blocked by others, that assumption is incorrect, based on ignorance.
    • You cannot be hounded from one level of reality to another by a fear that you do not understand. You cannot be threatened in this life by so-called past existences.
    • You set your problems in the hope that you will solve them. You did not set them like millstones about your neck.
    • You say, “I don’t want any of this”. The inner self realizes, however, that potentials are present that would not necessarily be present under other circumstances – abilities that can not only help you but other individuals, and even society at large.
    • Until you are honest with yourself and become consciously aware of yourself, you cannot honestly relate with others; you will project upon them your own fears and prejudices.
    • You must be willing to change all the way from the old system of orientation to the new, if you want the new approach to work fully for you in your lives.
    • You forget your home so that you can return to it enriched.
    • To understand the multidimensional self is to use it.
    • To change your world you must change your thoughts.


Excerpted from Lynda’s Seth Talk Blog. Lynda is the award-winning author of seven Seth/Jane Roberts-based books. She is co-founder of Seth Network International, the global meeting place for Seth readers; published a quarterly magazine, Reality Change: The Global Seth Journal, for seven years; has produced numerous Seth conferences and been a speaker at many others. You are invited to become her friend on Facebook and on Twitter (also on Twitter as Seth Network International).

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