Seth and Managing the Moment Point

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Seth and Managing the Moment Point

“Because of the simultaneous nature of time, beliefs can be changed in the present moment. There is no need to search endlessly into the past of this life or any other, for the ‘original’ causes for beliefs. Making a change in the present of a certain kind will automatically alter all beliefs ‘across the board,’ so to speak.”

The Way Toward Health, Chapter 10

When we speak of change, we’re always brought back to two issues that need to be dealt with: our ideas (which are within the spacious present), and our idea constructions (which are ideas that have been translated into physical objects and events)—both of which appear in simultaneous time’s moment point concurrently. And that, basically, is what the moment point is about—the constant action and interrelatedness of ideas and idea constructions.

We can label ideas as thoughts, beliefs, mental acts, memories, or whatever, but the bottom line is they are ideas. And as ideas they not only create circumstances and objects, they can be consciously manipulated. What this chapter is about, then, is creating the mental framework for a strong moment point, and then using that framework to move ideas and idea constructions in and out of our minds, knowingly and with purpose.

You may recall in Living-1’s Chapter 11, I offer several tasks I developed for myself that helped me grasp the deeper importance of the moment point and assisted in breaking my unquestioned bond to a belief in linear time. They were learning tools for me and quite effective, ones basically meant to educate me on some of what happens in the moment point and give me a sense of what I could consciously do within it.

But what I didn’t cover there was what I consider my final leap into actually living the moment point as a concrete, assumed matter of course. That is, as a vital and solid framework of thinking that has now become me. The reason was when I started writing Living-1, I didn’t even realize it was an option to that extent; and by the time I finished writing the book, I wasn’t absolutely sure I had made it yet.

I had become increasingly excited by a handful of private events that occurred within the couple months prior to Living-1’s release, where I found myself intensely aware of being not in linear time but within the moment point, with clarity and balance. I simply knew during these non-altered-state experiences there was no future, that nothing exists beyond one moment point, that when I stay clear and balanced within my moment point, I create clear and balanced. Which means my “future” plays out within it, clear and balanced—because I am clear and balanced. I also knew with certainty that’s the way “future” safety is created.

It took several months of me bouncing in and out of this awareness, longing to have it back when it disappeared and on the highest of highs when it returned, before I completely settled into its constant awareness. During this time, by focusing on the moment point as best I could in these times of clarity, I did the following:

* I changed overnight a probable death sentence given by the veterinarian for my cat to one of full health—a dire situation I had been sending my cat toward through my fear for him (based on the awful way his sister had died years ago). What happened was the morning after my rejection of the death sentence, a second vet from the same office called my home. Seems there had been some mistakes made by the lab in reporting the results of tests run a couple days prior; and along with facts I gave this new vet, he came to the conclusion that my cat was indeed healthy.

* For the first time in this life, I started losing weight without forethought, naturally and surprisingly, with no dieting or applied focus. Because of that weight loss, I dropped a couple dress sizes within a few months. And during that time, I never stepped on a scales—and never will again. In fact, there’s a lot I will never do again on this subject. Sixty years of battling weight’s negative beliefs is more than enough.

* Out of great frustration and exhaustion, in one afternoon I brought a chaotic and stressful weeks-long re-piping experience under control, one that had torn the interior walls of my home and garage asunder (with more than 60 large holes cut through the walls to the studs), to one that was organized, calm and thinly exciting—exciting because I consciously set out to do it by managing my moment point; thinly because who wants to be in that sort of experience in the first place?

And finally, blessedly finally, I realized I’d slipped into the constant awareness of truly living the moment point instead of linear time. And that was when I decided to write this sequel. I felt I hadn’t completed the task of fully exploring the moment point and its unquestionable power in Living-1. I hadn’t highlighted it enough as the full-on answer to living a safe universe, the result of our years of working with the Seth material finally paid off, the ultimate result offered us by our persistence. Much of what we have studied and explored with Seth now seems to me to be leading toward the final acceptance of this simultaneous time/moment point concept.

Excerpted from Lynda Madden Dahl’s Living a Safe Universe, Vol. 2. Lynda Madden Dahl is the award-winning author of six Seth/Jane Roberts-based books. She is co-founder of Seth Network International, the global meeting place for Seth readers; published a quarterly magazine, Reality Change: The Global Seth Journal, for seven years; has produced numerous Seth conferences and been a speaker at many others. You are invited to become her friend on Facebook and on Twitter, and follow her at Lynda’s Seth Talk Blog.

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