Seth and an Intro to Framework 2

Lynda Madden Dahl, Seth and an Intro to Framework 2, Jane Roberts, Seth Material, The Nature of Personal Reality

Seth and an Intro to Framework 2

The origin of your universe is nonphysical, and each event, however grand or minute, has its birth in the Framework 2 environment. Your physical universe arose from that inner framework, then, and continues to do so.
The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 825

Seth tells us, “To really understand your own connection with the events you encounter privately, and in relationship to others, you must first become acquainted with that medium in which events themselves are formed.” In the introduction, we said the purpose of this book is to discover and discuss the broader scope of reality, the one that not only assures us of a safe universe, but one that holds the answers to the development of our world and all consciousness participating within it, as well as the inner realities from which we emerge. And why do we care? Because it helps us redefine our self by telling us why safety is always ours.

There is only one starting point for this next phase of our journey, the only “place” with the creative influence and characteristics needed to pull off a mass interactive physical reality where the personal safe universe concept has a shot at development, and where we can actually influence that development. And that place is Framework 2.

What exactly is Framework 2? Seth uses different terms for it, such as a realm or sphere of action, the inner sphere of reality, the inner dimensions of existence, a state of consciousness. Clearly from these various descriptive words, it is not an easy task to cleanly categorize Framework 2, at least in name. But we do know where it resides, and that is in the spacious present in simultaneous time, because that’s where all consciousness and the psychic gestalts it forms always reside.

To put Framework 2 in a greater context first, as already mentioned there are many other frameworks in the spacious present, both physical and non-physical, used by consciousness for particular explorations. Explorations into what? Into itself; always into itself. Always expanding itself through its own learning; that’s what consciousness does. None of the frameworks are hierarchies or levels to aspire to, because the same consciousness can have experiences in any number of frameworks simultaneously (remember the ability of CUs to be in multiple places at once?). So, in actuality, the various frameworks are immersed within each other—consciousness is not immersed within a given framework. This explains why, then, hierarchies are an old wives’ tale and based on a belief in linear time, not simultaneous time.

And that segues us into the two spheres of action in the spacious present of most importance to us in this lifetime: Framework 1, also known as physical reality, and Framework 2, the source of physical reality. Framework 1 would not be possible without Framework 2, because physical reality arises out of—and because of—that framework itself, and actually stays immersed in it at the same time. Our world, then, is the natural result of what happens in Framework 2.

So, what does happen there? For starters, our inner selves populate it, and we’re talking about every inner self of every consciousness who ever has, or will, become physical. Between them they establish the immense scope and breadth of our world and the infinite varieties of consciousness which play out within it, from rocks to humans. So physical reality is the result of a multidimensional creative venture by our collective inner selves, the portion of us Seth says “…deals with the formation of events, that glories in a rather rambunctious and creative activity that your specifications of time and place physically preclude.”

Since Framework 2 and Framework 1 are formed from the combined psychic gestalts of our inner selves, before we delve further into the frameworks themselves let’s take a brief look at the purpose of our inner selves as it pertains to this subject:

* Inner selves create and populate Framework 2, and maintain all the knowledge and facts available to any consciousness ever involved in Framework 1.

* In order to do their job as part of All That Is, inner selves must expand through ideas.

* To accomplish this, each inner self seeds many different Framework 1 physical timeframes with portions of itself for experiential and learning purposes.

* Those portions or focuses of the inner selves—which include each of us, as well as all of our probable and reincarnational selves—push the boundaries of learning and expansion for the whole self, or soul.

* As as each inner self expands through the experience of itself, both in Framework 2 and as Framework 1 physical beings, it adds to the expansion of the soul or entity within which it (and we) reside.

So, the consciousnesses of our inner selves create and populate both frameworks, and there is literally no both; there is only our inner selves doing their thing as consciousness seeking its own growth or value fulfillment by continually expressing itself as and within these chosen spheres of action simultaneously. And in order for our inner selves to experience value fulfillment to its fullest potential, Framework 2 takes creation to what we might consider a massive scale. And the massive scale’s purpose? To create and maintain a physical reality and its world, so that consciousness can experience itself in this unique context, learn from it, and take its learning to a whole new high, one that deals more directly with the vastness of inner reality.

But, as said, physical reality doesn’t stand alone as a separate construction apart from our inner selves in some way. It cannot, because consciousness never separates itself from its creations—which means each physical being, each creature, each object, each particle is also consciousness, either at the basic level of atom or as full consciousness of self, within this living, loving creation of theirs we conveniently call Framework 2. Which is why Seth says we are “…foremost, a native of Framework 2.”


Excerpted from upcoming (June, 2014) Living a Safe Universe, Vol. 3, by Lynda Madden Dahl. Lynda is the award-winning author of seven Seth/Jane Roberts-based books. She is co-founder of Seth Network International, the global meeting place for Seth readers; published a quarterly magazine, Reality Change: The Global Seth Journal, for seven years; has produced numerous Seth conferences and been a speaker at many others. You are invited to become her friend on Facebook and on Twitter, and follow her at Lynda’s Seth Talk Blog.

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