Seth and the Day Portland Disappeared

Seth and the Day Portland Disappeared

The universe is being created now. Creation occurs in each moment, in your terms. The illusion of time itself is being created now. It is therefore somewhat futile to look for the origins of the universe by using a time scheme that is in itself, at the very least, highly relative. Your now, or present moment, is a psychological platform.
Seth, Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 1, Session 882

Understanding simultaneous time becomes an important factor in de­ciphering clues to conscious creation. It’s a fascinating subject and one loaded with insights as to how the physical world is formed on a moment-by-mo­ment basis. When we understand what we’re dealing with, the flexibility of this reality becomes so apparent that we wonder why we didn’t catch on to it more quick­ly.

Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time is a delightful novel by Jane Roberts about Oversoul Seven, a nonphysical oversoul who has reached a cer­tain level of education and expertise with the un­knowing help of several of his aspects in physical reality, whom he in­structs and assists. At one point, Cypress, Seven’s own oversoul and men­tor, calls him to a meeting in Framework 2.

For educational purposes, Seven chooses not to remember that he has visited Framework 2 many times, and so is enchanted by the scene Cypress has created for him, an outdoor earth setting of great beauty. Seven says, “But everything looks brand new…as if it were all created in this instant. I mean, that one rose…it’s a bud so of course it looks new. But beside it is a much big­ger rose, with all of its petals open and it looks brand-new too!” With an enig­matic smile Cypress replies, “Precisely.”

From the words of this novel comes literal truth. According to Seth, every moment of experience is a “new” one, re­plete with newly formed physical objects that have entered this reality through the immediate mo­ment point of time. Our moments are con­stantly refreshed from Framework 2, where everything is created anew before entering our lives.

In the Blink of an Eye

How fast can we change our reality, then? As fast as we can change our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, focus or intent. Probabilities al­ways surround us, and we select the ones to be ac­tivated in phys­ical reality as each moment progresses. According to Seth, we change probabilities constantly and, using his word, seamlessly. As we become more aware of the flow of probabilities in and out of our days, there comes a time when we can almost spot the seam.

The first time I spaced out Portland I not only didn’t spot the seam, I tried to convince myself there wasn’t any. Stan and I had just moved to the Northwest that year, and I wasn’t very familiar with the drive between our home in Oregon and the house we’d just purchased on the island in Washington. It’s a two-hundred-mile trip between the two and the scenery is lovely, but cruising through Portland is special. From the freeway bridges high above the city the view is of skyscrapers and emerald green parks nes­tled up to the gracious Willamette River.

On this particular trip I was headed north from Eugene. Then, at the southernmost border of Portland, a strange thing happened. One moment I had yet to reach the city; the next, I was five miles north of the downtown area. To set the record straight, I was completely sober, in a great frame of mind, playing “Chariots of Fire” on the tape deck and looking forward to seeing Portland on this clear, gorgeous day.

When I reached the island hours later, I dug out a map of the city and scanned it for clues that would tell me I’d made a mis­take, that I’d simply taken a bypass, a more direct route in er­ror, or something…. I would have accepted any small morsel of “fact” that suggested nothing unusual had occurred. No matter how I analyzed the map, though, the conclusion I was forced to draw was that I had hit a blip on the space/time line. And the oddity didn’t stop there. I called Stan back in Eugene and exclaimed, “You’ll never guess what happened when I got to Portland!” His immedi­ate response, “The city disappeared.”

Ah, but five years later when it happened again, I was much more prepared to understand. We’d been talking to the Committee (our inner selves) on the Ouija board for almost four years at that point, and with many odd events now under my belt, I took this one at face value immedi­ately. I’d spent the day in Lake Oswego, a southern suburb of Portland, at Bettie Kielty’s home planning Seth Network International’s next big conference with her and Nancy Walker. Stan had been delayed that day in Eugene, so he missed the ride through hyperspace.

Nancy, Bettie and I had gone to a local restaurant for a late dinner and then I headed north to the island. With a soft rain beating on the windows, I settled in for a quiet, cozy drive home. About three minutes or so after I entered the freeway, it crossed my mind to stay in the right lanes so I’d be positioned to continue on Interstate 5 through Portland instead of being forced at an upcoming fork in the road onto another highway heading west. Based on the familiar exterior scene rolling by, I figured I was maybe five miles from the fork.

Less than a minute later I noticed the next exit sign begin to appear down the road. I kept my eyes on it as it approached, interested in checking my exact location. I didn’t spot the seam because it was so smooth, but in that minute or so of time I had traveled over ten miles and once again missed the city. The exit sign I viewed was almost at the Washington/Oregon border, on the far side of Portland.

As Seth tells us over and over, when we come to understand how time functions, we will eventually be able to merge our inner comprehensions with our outer perceptions, and then we can form our world on a conscious basis.


Excerpted from Ten Thousand Whispers: A Guide to Conscious Creation, by Lynda Madden Dahl. Lynda is the award-winning author of seven Seth/Jane Roberts-based books. She is co-founder of Seth Network International, the global meeting place for Seth readers; published a quarterly magazine, Reality Change: The Global Seth Journal, for seven years; has produced numerous Seth conferences and been a speaker at many others. You are invited to become her friend on Facebook and on Twitter, and follow her at Lynda’s Seth Talk Blog.


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