Seth and the Leap Beyond

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Seth and the Leap Beyond

The inner natural leanings of all consciousness within the realms of your being now yearn for constructive change, clearer vision, to experience again their inherent sense of corporal spirituality, physical and psychic grace. They want to sense again the effortless motion that is their birthright.

—Seth, Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment, Volume Two, Session 941

I came out of San Francisco International Airport pulling my luggage and looking for the cab line. I was headed into San Mateo for a two-day workshop, which I had co-created and at which I was to be a presenter for Seth Network International, a company I helped found. Off to my right, and nowhere near the cab line, was a man standing outside his vehicle, smiling as he caught my eye. He walked a couple paces toward me and asked if I needed a taxi. The problem was his vehicle had no cab markings, no roof sign. When I questioned him about it, he said his official taxi was in for repairs, and proceeded to hand me a business card embossed with his cab company’s name.

I thought about it for a couple seconds and said okay. So, he placed my luggage in a messy trunk strewn with odds and ends, I climbed into the back seat, gave him my hotel’s name and location, and off we went. Before we cleared the airport, I asked him how much he was going to charge me, seeing he had no meter. He thought a moment and said, “Forty dollars.” I countered with twenty and he agreed.

As we came out of the airport, he seemed a little hesitant about which direction to take, but correctly swung south. That hesitation got my attention. I said, “You do know where my hotel is located, don’t you?” He didn’t earn my confidence when he hesitated yet again. I then rather logically queried, “Okay, how are you going to get directions without a dispatch radio?” He smiled brightly. So, I pulled out my cell phone, called the hotel’s front desk, and asked directions. With a mental map now handy, I guided my cabbie to the hotel. We arrived, I paid him, we shared smiles, and that was that.

The name of the workshop I was presenting was titled “Living a Safe Universe: Trust and Its Pivotal Role in Conscious Creation.” As I was preparing my final notes that evening, I thought about the cab driver and my ready acceptance of his good intent. And I thought how far I’d come in trusting I live safely in my reality. The road had been long and arduous, but I’d reached my goal and knew I’d never lose that acceptance of safety again. It is perhaps the greatest gift I’ve given myself, and I believe the raison d’être for my current existence, my ultimate lesson to be learned and explored this time around.

Seth and the Leap Beyond

I have lived with the Seth/Jane Roberts/Robert Butts material at the heart of my life since 1984. It has been a touchstone of such significance I blanch at the thought of life without it. The path not traveled leaves me giddy with relief, like a bullet missed, a tumble into flatness sidestepped. I cannot say it has been a path of assured happiness and success. I can say it has been a path laden with the possibility of happiness and success. And that alone is why I missed the bullet and the flatness that engulf so many. I had an out, if I chose to use it, one that brought not blind hope, but hope anchored in knowledge, and even in logic; and, eventually, trust.

In 1993, when I coined the phrase “conscious creation” while writing my first book, Beyond the Winning Streak: Using Conscious Creation to Consistently Win at Life, little did I know my life would become one ongoing experimental lab for the subject. And little did I know how little I knew. Not in its overall theory and concepts per se; and not in applications meant to help us feel the concepts intuitively, such as meditations and psychological time-outs, or psy-times. Nor in other applications, such as belief work, which help us to understand the immense implications of our thinking and emotions.

No, in 1993 I thought I had identified the facets of what I termed conscious creation and would proceed through life safely, with little left to do other than to keep exploring Seth, work with my beliefs, continue to attempt to sense more of nonphysical reality, regularly talk to my inner self, and set goals. What more could possibly be needed in order to live with effortlessness and safety in my reality?

Excuse me while I wipe tears of laughter from my eyes.

When my world finally crumbled and fell around me, when the pain was deep and enduring, when I couldn’t seem to find my way out, when I wondered if it was even worth it to try, it confirmed a concern I’d had for years, a concern that I’d missed something of great significance in the Seth material, even though at that point I had no idea what it might be. I just knew I needed to find it or die trying. And that’s how this book came into being.


Excerpted from the Introduction to Living a Safe Universe: A Book for Seth Readers. © 2013 by Lynda Madden Dahl. Lynda is the award-winning author of six Seth/Jane Roberts-based books. She is co-founder of Seth Network International, the global meeting place for Seth readers; published a quarterly magazine, Reality Change: The Global Seth Journal, for seven years; has produced numerous Seth conferences and been a speaker at many others. You are invited to become her friend on Facebook and on Twitter, and follow her at Lynda’s Seth Talk Blog.

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