Breaking the Bonds of Fear

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Breaking the Bonds of Fear

You are in physical existence to learn and understand that your energy, translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions, causes all experience. There are no exceptions.
The Nature of Personal Reality, Session 614

When we believe in cause and effect we also tend to believe that if we are fearful of something, we have a right to be. After all, look what happened to me last week, or last month or twenty years ago. That’s when it started, that feeling of fear, and I’ve had cause many times since to meet it again. It’s been with me awhile now; it’s no stranger in my life.

But, according to the structure that makes our physical reality happen, fear can’t be based on yesterday’s cause, and here’s why. Fear is an emotion that both forms and reflects a belief, and emotions are generated in the now, in this case, with the surfacing of a belief; and then an event will follow that reinforces our fear because it’s selected from the field of probabilities by our emotion of fear. In other words, fear has to be generated by a belief about something before another fear-filled event can occur, whether the event is a physical assault or a simple twinge of anxiety while reading news of violence. Fear is based on an active belief.

It may sound like a bout of semantics, but it’s an important point. Fear is generated in the moment by a belief held in the moment, and between the two of them they tell the mind to organize our past to reflect their influence. So the mind sets to work and chooses probabilities that are placed into our “past” that verify the fear. Fear is not intimately tied to our past, building as the years progress. It can’t be. It’s tied to our present.

That we feel that the fear has been with us forever on a given issue is because we think we remember concrete past events. But the remembrance of the past is selected in the now. Our life fans out forward and backward from the present. What we think and feel right now pulls in probabilities, some of which we will call past and some we designate as future. All creation happens now based on the workings of our mind now.

Feelings aren’t stand-alone items; they must be flared into action by thought. Fear is not held over from our last foray into the depths of anxiety, imprinted on our minds from the past, or unbreakable until we take our last physical breath. Since emotion follows thought, to break the cycle of fear means to break the course of our thoughts. Seth says, “Your emotions trigger your memories, and they organize your associations. Your emotions are generated through your beliefs. They attach themselves so that certain beliefs and emotions seem almost synonymous.”

So what we need to do is set aside whatever it is that’s causing the fear. We have to break the cycle of thought that leads us into the emotion of fear, because fear sidetracks us, derails us. In response to fear, we literally select events that block us from our goals. Healing, mentally and physically, takes place when we clear our minds in the present and give it room to accept new instructions.

Stopping Fear in the Moment Point

There are two ways to stop fear: 1) find and change the beliefs and emotions causing it, and 2) break its hold in the now. We’ll cover how to find and change beliefs later in this chapter, but now on to a technique for stopping fear dead in its tracks this very moment.

Anxiety forms a negative visualization, an exceedingly effective one. Break the anxiety, break the visualization…and break the probability of a future worrisome event. We can’t stop thinking, but we can control the focus of our attention. Since two thoughts can’t be held in the mind at the same time, we can give precedence to the one of choice. So, let’s test our ability to halt a little fear that most people have felt at one time or another. Let these words become real to you right now, feel the anxiety they generate: I don’t have enough money to pay my bills. Now say in your mind, “Wait, there are no successive moments, so there is no past!” Let the tension leave your body instantly. Say, “This is my reality, and I can construct it any way I choose right now.” Then insert a positive emotional response that offsets the fearful one.

If this were a real-life situation you’d now hold on to this feeling of calmness and clarity, and think to yourself something like, “Okay, I’ve created a limiting situation in the present that looks solid, but I know there are other probabilities I can choose. Since there is no linear time, I can restructure this situation by allowing other choices to enter my life.” If you can stay in the now, believe everything will work out all right, have perfect faith in your power as consciousness in physical form to choose your direction consciously, you walk the path of new solutions to your perceived problem.

Excerpted from Ten Thousand Whispers: A Guide to Conscious Creation, by Lynda Madden Dahl. Lynda is the award-winning author of six Seth/Jane Roberts-based books. She is co-founder of Seth Network International, the global meeting place for Seth readers; published a quarterly magazine, Reality Change: The Global Seth Journal, for seven years; has produced numerous Seth conferences and been a speaker at many others. You are invited to become her friend on Facebook and on Twitter, and follow her at Lynda’s Seth Talk Blog.

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