Jane Roberts (Seth Books)

Jane Roberts (May 8, 1929 – September 5, 1984) grew up in Saratoga Springs, New York where she attended Skidmore College. Jane was a prolific writer in a variety of genres including poetry, short stories, children’s literature, fiction, and non-fiction. Her international bestselling non-fiction books include Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality, and The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events. Her enormously popular novels include The Education of Oversoul Seven, The Further Education of Oversoul Seven, and Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time (now published as The Oversoul Seven Trilogy). Yale University Library maintains a collection of Jane’s writings, journals, poetry, and audio and video recordings that were donated after her death by her husband, Robert F. Butts.

The Seth books are world-renowned for comprising one of the most profound bodies of work ever written on the true nature of reality. The being Seth was channeled through Jane Roberts and she became one of the best known channelers, and brought fame and prestige to the genre. In 1984, Jane Roberts died after a prolonged illness. Her books, while still popular, slowly drifted out-of-print. Fortunately, in the last few years her books have been brought back into print through the work of Robert F. Butts, Jane’s husband.”  — Bodhi Tree Bookstore